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Why Keto Macros Matter on a Fat Burning Diet

Tracking is more important on the Ketogenic diet than most other diets. The reason is because keto relies on low-carb eating to shift the body into ketosis. This condition is what turns your metabolism into a fat burning machine. Tracking Keto Macros is key to success on the keto diet.

Can Intermittent Fasting Cause Muscle Loss

Athletes, bodybuilders and the Over-50 adult often wonder if intermittent fasting can cause muscle loss. There is this risk with any diet. Here’s what you need to know to prevent losing those muscles you work hard to maintain.

High Protein Low Fat Diet for Weight Loss for Non-Keto Lovers

If you struggle to refrain from eating carbohydrates on a keto diet, then you are better suited for a High Protein, Low Fat Diet for Weight Loss or a HPLF Diet. Read or download this guide to learn why many prefer building lean muscle with more protein and less fat on the HPLF diet.

Principles of Clean Eating to Lose Weight

There’s nothing fancy involved in eating clean. That’s why it has so many good points. People often think of this as a way to change to a healthier lifestyle – and it is. However, you can also use clean eating to lose weight by following these guiding principles.

Setting a Positive Mindset for Weight Loss

Don’t skip the first and most overlooked step for enjoying success with weight loss. Get your head ready for the challenges ahead because your cravings and habits will keep tempting you back to bad habits. Learn how to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for the battle and win!

Keto Diet Success Checklist

Download this handy Keto Diet Success Checklist before starting the Ketogenic Diet. Achieve faster weight loss when you burn off fat loaded calories from the start.

The Ketogenic Diet for Chronic Pain Relief

The Ketogenic Diet for chronic pain relief is surprising many a dieter who also experience less chronic pain once they’ve been on the diet. By now, you’ve learned how important the food you eat is for health. But you may not have thought of it in terms of chronic pain. Let’s take a look at why the keto diet if proving to be the perfect diet for people to burn fat, lose weight and reduce chronic pain.